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??Hashing Ad Space How To Start Earning Asimi Coins??

(10 Easy Steps guide bellow how to join a FAST START )

▪️First you need to create an account on waves platform !
▪️1-Create your waves account here :
▪️2-Here you will need to deposit your Bitcoin if you want to have fast start i suggest you to use minimum of 1000$ in bitcoin !
▪️3-Create Asimi wallet on waves by clicking assets than find a + and click on it and write asimi and add it to your assets !
▪️4-After your deposit you need to buy like 5-10 waves coins we use them to pay our
transaction fees..
▪️5-After buying waves buy minimum 100$ worth of asimi tokens on waves !
▪️6-Create an account on Hashing Ad Space here :
▪️7-Setup your Hashing Ad Space Account and add your Asimi Wallet Address from waves !
▪️8-Transfer your Asimi from waves to Hashing Ad Space Wallet
▪️9-Buy Asimi Stake in your hasing ad space 1 asimi stake gives you ability to mint or watch 1 ad daily and get paid around 1 asimi for only 7 seconds of your time !
10 asimi stakes = You can mint 10 ads daily !
▪️10-Start Minting ads daily and buy more asimi stakes when you get enough asimi on your balance to earn more and more new asimi coins daily !

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Best oF Luck !

??FREE START For All People Worldwide Who Can't Invest ! ??
(100% Free to join option )

1-Join Now and Coinfirm your account on email used to register-

Read above in Fast Start System How to get Asimi Wallet !

Best Regards

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How to exchange asimi tokens to bitcoin !
▪️Asimi Token is currently trading on waves platform !
Create Asimi Wallet here :

▪️Thanks for joining and Welcome to the Hashing Ad Space! ????

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Little Motivation and some of my recent payouts and trades and also return's of asimi coins to hashing ad space and staking !