"Why is Releaf 7 in One CBD Your most Powerful Option? "

1.One product uses a unique patented process to made our CBD oil over 90% absorption to the body. Other CBD is only 4-8 % absorbed by the body. This makes our product 10-12 times more potent than other CBD products.

2. We have no THC in our product.

3. We use Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD oil. Hemp oil alone will not have the benefits of CBD (Canabidoil)

4. We add Black cumin oil  to Releif Blend CBD to make it even more powerfull against pain and inflammation. Black Cumin has many other benefits listed on Pubmed gov. Pubmed gov is the US Government Official Website for Published Medical Research and Studies.

5. We also Add Resveratrol which is very powerfull Anti-oxidant and Anti-Aging natural compound from Grapes. Resveratrol has over 11.000 articles researched benefits by Medical Profesionals on Pubmed gov.

6. MCT Oil is an important ingredient in Relief Blend . MCT Oil comes from coconut oil and is considered an extremly healthy good fat for the body.The Brain is 60% . Fat and the Skin is over 30% Fat. Bad fat causes heart decease and stroke. It has also been shown to store toxines in the body . Releif Blend has 3 great healthy fats in CBD Oil, Black Cumin Oil and MCT Oil. Replacing Bad Fat with Good Fats is extremly important for our health.

7. All 78 Trace Minerals are also added to Releaf Blend. There are over 333.000 Articles on the Benefits of Trace Minerals on Pubmed.Gov.

8. Ashwagandha Root is also an important ingredient in Releaf Blend. Ashwagandha Root is ingredient in Releaf Blend. Ashwagandha Root is rarely used in the West but is very popular in the East.There are over 1.000 Articles on its Benefits on  Pubmed gov.

9. Beet Root is a powerful source of Vitamin C and Other Vitamins. There are over 1000 articles on Beet Root benefits on

The product is ordered through the site in the option shop but before purchase it is necessary to register on the site

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