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Event NEEW 2019 in New Delhi: hoành tráng, thăng hoa, nhiệt huyết.

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If you want to invest with Skyway, please go to my blog to learn more about this unique project.

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You want to earn $ 1,450 per month from just $ 50?

Currently the preferred share price in SkyWay is increasing over time and will touch $ 1.0 per share when the stock is sold (this is the price regulated by the company and has been ISSIN international stock organization. grant code VGG322291094 (check link and supervised by the BVI-FSC financial services committee (link 2RxLu1J).
The program has a lot of packages to invest but depending on the financial capacity of each person, In this article only presents the 3 lowest investment packages of the program to buy preferred installment shares monthly.

1/ Package EIPI Starter:
+ $ 10 per month with a 10-month cycle: A total of $ 100
+ Actually receive 400 shares before IPO after 10 months;
+ Value of $ 0.25 / share
=> With this package after 10 months there was $ 400 ($ 1.0 x 400 cp) minus the capital of $ 100 and the profit of $ 300, averaging $ 30 / month (here only charge $ 1 / unlisted stock on the floor).

2/ EIPI Autumn package.
+ $ 25 per month with a 10-month cycle: A total of $ 250.
+ Actually receive 6,250 shares before IPO after 10 months;
+ Value of $ 0.04 / share.

⇒ With this package after 10 months, there was $ 6,250 ($ 1.0 x 6,250 cp) minus $ 250 capital and a profit of $ 5,955, averaging $ 595.5 / month (here only charge $ 1.0 / unlisted stock on the floor).

3/ EIPI Optimal package.
+ $ 50 per month for a 10-month cycle: A total of $ 500.
+ Realize 15,000 shares before IPO after 10 months;
+ Value of $ 0.0333 / share.

⇒ With this package after 10 months, there was $ 15,000 ($ 1.0 x 15,000 shares) minus the capital of $ 500 and profit of $ 14,500, averaging $ 1,450 / month (here only charge $ 1.0 / unlisted stock on the floor).

✍️ When you join the installment plan, every day you have to recharge your wallet in your SkyWay account, for example, on October 25 starting and the next period will be November 25, so on to pay off 10 months (installment policy can be delayed up to 02 days and in case of overdue date, the number of shares held will be deducted).
✍️ Number of shares will be displayed immediately after payment on the Dashboard of each shareholder account
⇒⇒ Link to register for…/....lam-nao-e-nhan-uoc-c

Note: In 3 installment packages on each package, there is a very favorable policy, you can optionally pay for the first 3 months, then continue to pay every month to full 10 months. When choosing this option the number of shares you receive will be more profitable, more and different.

DIFFERENCE AS FOLLOWS: An EIPI Stater package with this package if you pay for the first time for 03th x $ 10 = $ 30 you receive 270 cp = $ 270, for the fourth month you pay $ 10 / th until the 10th and the sum will be 900 cp / 10th. This means the same amount of $ 100 but will receive up to 900cp = $ 900.
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SkyWay's new cargo ship will be available soon in Dubai.

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SkyWay history
No technical innovation was created overnight.
From the idea to its realization lie decades. So it was with the car passed the way from the first steam-powered machines to a vehicle with an internal combustion engine for 38 years. The time span from the first sketches of the aircraft to the first flight takes at least 50 years. The locomotive drove on rails only 31 years later, after its invention. The design of one of the most massive aircraft in the history of aviation - the Boeing 737 took about 4 years.
At first, thought, fantasy, fairy tale inevitably come. For them parade scientific calculation. And in the end, the performance crowns the idea.
This fully applies to SkyWay technology. Over the past 30 years, the inventor of the technology, Anatoly Eduardovich Yunitsky, and the team of engineers headed by him, has created many existing models of transport. More than 40 patents were obtained, design and research work was carried out, as well as examinations that confirmed the operation of the transport and the attainability of the claimed design characteristics. On the test site built in the suburban town of Ozery, they successfully tested a section of the track structure with a length of 150 meters. Full-scale models of rolling stock have been successfully tested in a wind tunnel, showing a drag coefficient of CX = 0.075, which is close to the theoretical maximum.
Thanks to the work done in previous years, today created by the inventor of technology Anatoly Eunardovich Yunitsky, design organizations CJSC String Technologies, which structure includes 15 design bureaus, which has at its disposal all the necessary design documentation. To successfully implement the project for the construction of the center for the practical implementation of SkyWay innovations, their international certification and expertise, called “Ecotechnopark”. After completion of the construction of the center in 2017, the technology will be able to be introduced to the world market of transport services and will be most widely used.
In parallel with the construction process of Ecotechnopark, work is underway to optimize the key characteristics of the SkyWay transport and infrastructure complexes. All the developments of the engineers of JSC "String Technologies" are tested in the experimental department and the center of model and model work.
Together, this allows for an unprecedented combination of high speed, safety, efficiency and environmental friendliness in the transport of goods and passengers.
SkyWay transport infrastructure systems are the future in motion!

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