Uskoro cu snimiti klip o jednom sajtu, ciji su vlasnici sa balkana.Svako ko bude zainteresovan da ulozi na ovom sajtu,neka me kontaktira preko poruke.U pitanju je rad sa matricom,potrebno je da ulozite 30$ i da nakon toga pozovete 1 osobu koja ce isto tako uloziti.Ovaj novac je nesta malo koliko ustvari mozete da zaradite za par meseci.Zvanican pocetak punjenja matrice je od srede, tako da je potrebno sto brze da se uclane osobe koje zele da imaju dodatnu zaradu i to veoma dobru zaradu.

Koje zainteresovan neka mi se javi u poruci.

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Soon i will record one video about one site owned by two person from Balkan.Everyone who is interesting to invest in this site, please contact me throw the private message.It's site with matrix position, where you invest 30$ and than invite one person also to register on this site and invest also 30$.This is small amount for invest in site, how much you can actually earn in a couple of months.Official starting of filling matrix position is Wednesday.Everyone who are interested to invest in this site,please contact me throw the private message.

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Welcome To Baer chain Official Bot.
Baer Chain is an online distributed ecological game platform that is based on the Blockchain technology, and it directly connects elements on the games ecological chain in an organic way, to realize the direct docking, lossless circulating and secure storing of individual values.
--------HOW TO GET AIRDROP----------
Step 1: join channel
Step 2: join group ??
Balance: 13 BRC = 26$
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Telegram: Contact @BaerChain_Bot

Telegram: Contact @BaerChain_Bot

You can contact @BaerChain_Bot right away.
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