Transgender: discovering their sexuality

Discovering better the world of transgender people through the adult industry might help eradicate distrust towards them.


Transgender: discovering their sexuality

Even though the majority of people think porn is demeaning for transex people, I honestly believe that, on the contrary, it offers an opportunity for people to discover their sexuality, and I mean both the one of the transex with the own of the supposted "straight man". It gives a chance for everybody to truly start knowing this world, to make discrmination and distrust collapse like the Berlin Wall. Even with such services like Shemale phone sex, that use a deregatory word, they contribute for some part to the appreciation of this kind of people. If men start loving "chicks with dick", then there won't be less hatred towards trannies, I guess. When people like something, they cannot hate it at the same time, can they? yes, I know it's a shame that all has to pass through adult service, but that's the way it is, people can be truly fascinated by shemales, it's normal, but at least this is a positive feeling, that even though won't really make disappear all the distrust in work places, might at least reduce violence and racism toward this gender.

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