How to Resolve HP Printer Blank Pages

If you face any technical HP printer error then don’t get dismayed because this error can be easily fixed by connecting with HP Printer Support Phone Number.



HP produces one of the most reliable and secure printers on the planet. But, it doesn’t matter how secure or reliable these printers are there are always chances of glitches and errors in them. No piece of machinery on this planet is immune to errors.

Every piece of machinery will encounter the error in a certain form. Same goes with HP printers and one of the most prominent errors in HP printer is printing blank pages. If you have encountered the HP printer printing blank pages error then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got the perfect solution for you that can get rid of this error in an instant. Or you also have the option of contacting HP printer customer service number where you’ll get the best advice and solution.

HP Printer Printing Blank Pages – Solutions

Use the original HP cartridges

HP always recommends you to use the original HP cartridges with their printers. HP does not guarantee the performance of the printer when you don’t follow their instructions. You can easily purchase the HP cartridges from one of the HP retailers online.

Ink level check in the printer

1. Put a blank white paper in the tray

2. Then press the button beside the setup icon in the control panel

3. Now go to tools option and hit OK.

4. Now, click on the Estimated Ink Levels tab

Change the cartridges

Once you’ve bought the cartridges, it’s time to change the cartridges.

1. First, you need to put your printer in Silent and Idle mode.

2. Then remove the cartridge from the printer by opening the cartridge door.

3. Now, you need to remove the plastic tape from the new cartridges and then put them back in their place. 

This is very easy as long as you don’t touch the head of the cartridge. For more elaborate and detailed info call HP printer phone number.

Align the printer for the use

1. Power on the printer when you are loading the papers in the tray.

2. Now, again you need to go to the tools section and choose the printer to align option and hit OK.

3. Now, your printer will print the alignment page.

4. Now you need to put that alignment page into the scanner and hit OK.

5. Now, wait for the printer to scan the alignment page and complete the alignment process.

I know this sounds a lot technical than it is, you can call HP phone number for detailed info if you are not understanding this. They will provide you with the appropriate solution and guide you every step of the way.

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