All Things Cleared About Oral Pills Estradiol 1MG

It is a naturally occurred steroid hormone medication mainly to treat menopausal hormone and infertility or deficiency of sex hormone in women.

There are also many medications for osteoporosis but estrogen tablets are proven to be safer. Sometimes Kliogest 1mg tablets can be used by men suffering from cancer or breast cancer patients and also who don’t have efficient estrogen hormone in their body. Estradiol pills are proven to increase estrogen hormone in women and control breast cancer. 

Usage of Kliogest 1mg tablets 

Kilogest 1mg tablets are a substitute for Oral Pills Estradiol 1mg. Both are used to treat the same diseases and are proven to cure the lack of estrogen hormone in women. Postmenopausal estrogen deficiency and postmenopausal bone mineral density loss can be easily treated with these medicines and also puberty in young girls. Sometimes the inappropriate uterine lining can be the reason for infertility in women for that and also for the making of sperm-friendly cervical mucus the above two medicines are used. You can buy Kliogest Tablets online as they are cheaper online. 

Other Medical Uses of Kliogest and Estradiol in Hormone therapy 


  • Hypogonadism Estrogen hormone is responsible for the premature or delayed puberty in women. Delayed puberty happens because of hypogonadism. Hypogonadism is a low functioning ability of the gonads. Kliogest and Estradiol help in controlling Hypogonadism. 
  • Transgender Woman uses it as part of feminizing hormone therapy. These drugs are used in higher dosage before the orchiectomy surgery to increase testosterone levels and are continued after the surgery in lower dosages to keep the hormone balance. 
  • Birth Control is another reason these tablets are used for. Hormonal tablets contain progestin and estrogen to prevent ovulation that will suppress the secretion of gonadotropin hormone to prevent pregnancy.

Uses of Kliogest and Estradiol in Hormonal Cancer


  •    Prostate and Breast Cancer is a type of cancer that occurs in men. The prostate is a small walnut-shaped gland that produces the fluid that carries the sperm. It is very common type of cancer in men. Most of the time prostate cancer does not need much treatment they cause no problem to the health. Nut sometimes cancer spreads very easily and needs a lot of treatment in those cases kliogest 1mg tablets are used. A high dose of estrogen therapy is used to cure above 30-40 % of breast cancer scenarios. 

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