An overview of cargo shipment from China to the United States

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There are four major ways of shipping from China to the US?

  • Sea Shipping Services.
  • Air Shipping Services.
  • Air Express/Courier Services.
  • The Dedicated Shipping Line.


Understand all the shipment types in brief

  • Sea freight shipping


Shipping of goods using seaways also called sea freight shipping from China to USA is available for FCL (full container load), LCL (less than container load).

The port in the United States is divided into three zones that can be identified as West Coast, East Coast, and Gulf Coast.

  • East Coast: Miami, New York, Savannah, Houston, etc.
  • West Coast: Oakland, Long Beach, Seattle, Los Angeles, Washington, etc.
  • Gulf Coast: Alabama, Florida, Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi


  • Shipping from airport


This type of shipment is carried from Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Xiamen to all international airports in the USA


  • Couriers services


There are different courier services that will ship your cargos from China to your US office or home address.


  • The Dedicated Shipping Line


Door to door services from China to the USA. Not allowed Anti Dumping products and Sensitive products. A businessman like this shipping way: Easy-Cost-Effective.




Time taken to ship from China to the USA


  • Sea shipping to the West Coast is around 13-15 days, to the East coast is 23-25 days.
  • Air Shipping to US Airport is around 2-5 days, depending on which airline company you chose.
  • Courier services are about 3-5 days.
  • The Dedicated Line takes about 8 working days to transport goods.


Shipping freight from China to the USA

Be sure to get info below from your supplier, which is most important for the customer services in order to give you the accurate price:

  • Name of commodity and HS CODE
  • Estimated Shipping time
  • Place of delivery
  • Weight, Volume, and packages way
  • Trade mode: FOB or EXW
  • Value for the commodity
  • To Door or to Port


How to save time and money?

  • Pay attention to Chinese holidays


Too many festivals in China sometimes don’t allow the transportation of goods from the factory. You should take care of the festival duration to avoid this problem.


  • Find an Experienced Forwarder
  • Combined transport mode


If the courier is too costly and sea shipping is too late for you. You can choose to transport your goods by using the Shipping Line that is cheaper than the courier and faster than the sea route.

The recommended shipping methods

If it is an urgent order. If you are doing business on the US Amazon platform please try the Dedicated Shipping Line. If the goods’ quantity is big.

Compare with other companies you will find out we not only give you cheap prices, but also a great service experience. Also, choose one that can handle your customs clearance about shipping in China and the US if you want the door to door shipping.


The special considerations you need to know


  1. Full Container Shipping

20GP: Not more than 17 Tons.

40GP/HQ: Not more than 19 Tons.

  1. Less than Container Shipping

Chargeable Weight: 1 CBM=363KG (Special in the United States)

If Weight/Volume is less than 363kg/m3, use volume number as the chargeable data


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