Introduction of electronic components

Introduction of electronic components


Common electronic components are generally classified according to their use temperature, radiation, and anti-interference. The level is divided into the following 5 categories:
Commercial, industrial, automotive, military, aerospace.

Commercial grade-the temperature is: 0℃~+70℃, common and frequently traded ones on the market, computers, mobile phones, household appliances, etc. are basically commercial grade, the cheapest and most common The most practical.

Industrial grade-The temperature is: -40℃~+85℃, which is slightly lower than the military grade, the price is second, and the precision is slightly worse.

Automotive industrial grade-the temperature is: -40℃~125℃, the precision components mainly used in automobiles have higher temperature requirements and are more expensive than industrial grades.

Military grade-temperature: -55℃~+150℃, mainly used in military fields such as missiles, airplanes, tanks, aircraft carriers, etc. The electronic components in the military industry, any part taken out, are the most advanced and the technology is leading , High price and high precision.

Aerospace-grade-temperature: -55℃~+150℃, aerospace-grade components are the highest level of components, mainly used in aerospace fields such as rockets, spacecrafts, satellites, etc. The operating temperature is the same as military-grade, but in military-grade Increase the anti-radiation and anti-interference functions on the basis