9 Easy Ways to Improve Your Writing Skills

A report from the Partnership for 21st-Century Skills noted that according to employers, 26.2 percent of college students had deficient writing skills.


Does a writing assignment give you jitters and make your toes curl? Well, writing is an essential part of communication skills since most of the written formal conversations levy the first impression very much like the first handshake. This is no new knowledge! We all know it and have grown up working on our essays in multiple iterations. However, a report from the Partnership for 21st-Century Skills noted that according to employers, 26.2 percent of college students had deficient writing skills

This is staggering a number, especially because writing skills are not akin to acquiring advanced mathematical skills. For most communication purposes, a clear, concise and logically structured written piece is good enough. Let’s examine 9 ways of honing your writing skills:

1. Remove the fear of writing

Not all of us have to write like Shakespeare! You must always write only for the joy of it. Remember that every blank page is your canvas and is an inviting platform for your expression. Writing is not intimidating - pin it to your clipboard!

2. Focus on the grammar

When you’re better equipped with rules of the game you spend less time revisiting them and can focus better on your play. Similar is the case with writing. Spend sufficient time to understand the rules of grammar and practice basic examples. This will help you save a lot of lead time while writing. 

3. Read more to write better

Read from multiple sources to identify and understand different styles of writing. Read newspapers, magazines, blogs and even social media posts with a discerning eye. Make mental maps for understanding how authors structure a piece of writing. The more you read, the better you will eventually write.

4. Begin by copying written pieces you enjoy reading

It’s a good idea to simply start by emulating the writers you admire. While copying their style, you will in no time develop your distinct writing style too.

5. Participate in contests

Participating in writing contests without taking the pressure of winning the medal can make writing a fun exercise. You will not only meet new people but will also have multiple writing inspirations.

6. Follow a logical structure

Always put some method to the madness while gathering your thoughts and pouring them on the paper. A good logical flow is - background, problem statement, analysis, conclusions. Always remember to cluster similar ideas together and write a piece that is seamless and easy to read.

7. Do a lot of rough work

Jotting your ideas thoroughly before writing a full-blown piece will help you in organizing your ideas better. Always make notes before starting an essay or an article. This will also ensure that you don’t skip any of your creative first thoughts while writing.

8. Get a tutor

A good tutor is like a good doctor. With just some advice, they can help you fine-tune your written piece. Get help from a professional writing tutor to take your writing skills to the next level.

9. Work on building a great vocabulary

A good vocabulary gives you more words to play with and more expressions to express in a nuanced way. Build your vocabulary by reading articles, books, online posts, newspapers. Make a note of the new words you learn each day in a journal and deploy them in your writing. 

Follow these 9 quick tips and transform your writing journey from drab to fab in a matter of just a few days!