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In October, 2018, my multi month stunt in Europe was finished. I was in Tbilisi, Georgia, a city rapidly getting colder and gloomier as November moved nearer. Online I was attempting to locate the least expensive approach to arrive at the Philippines. 

Google Flights demonstrated the least expensive departure from Tbilisi to Manila to be all the way into the $600-dollar territory. At the point when I did my own exploration of joining two separate legs, I found a less expensive course: 

Leg 1: Tbilisi to Dubai, UAE through Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 

Leg 2: Dubai to Manila (counterbalance by two days so I'd have the opportunity to investigate Dubai) 

This set me back $490, however would have been nearer to $300 on the off chance that I didn't have a pack to check in! 

Flight Delays Leaving Georgia 

Quick forward to early November and Marty from Intrepid Road and I are transporting out of clamoring Rustavelli Street in Tbilisi, making a beeline for Tbilisi International Airport. 

Showing up more than two hours before the flight, we trusted that the overhead screens will show which counter to registration at. At the point when it at long last did, we had an issue. The flight was deferred by one and a half hours, which means we just had 30 minutes (as did our processed packs) to get from one trip to the next in Riyadh. We were set up for the last flynas airlines phone number departure from Riyadh to Dubai for the afternoon, so missing it implied remaining for the time being in Riyadh. 

I did some examination on this: All guests to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are needed to get a visa to enter the nation (in the event that we needed to leave the air terminal and get a lodging for instance). So failing to catch the plane approached remaining the night in the air terminal until the following Flynas trip to Dubai at 7:40am the following morning. 

Saudi Arabian Flynas carriers at Tbilisi Airport 

The laborers at the registration work area were of NO assistance. They said it was our obligation to move our handled packs to the following flight, AND they couldn't print off our subsequent tickets to Dubai. We'd need to do that at the "Move Desk" in Riyadh. 

Since we were booked to have just 30 minutes in Riyadh to get our packs, print tickets, and make our exchange, I was ready for the most noticeably awful. I wasn't too excited about remaining for the time being in a nation that as of late lifted the prohibition on ladies driving. 

Nothing should be possible and our valuable time in Dubai was in the possession of flynas contact center staff as we loaded onto the trip to Riyadh. We landed one hour after our booked season of landing, sooner than foreseen with the postponement, which left us with one hour in the Riyadh Airport. 

We ran off the plane and down the terminal. The way opened up to a delightful mathematical wellspring where identification control was found. We asked where the Transfer Desk was, and the air terminal specialists pointed around to the opposite side of the wellspring. As we traveled toward that path, we saw a dark stripe on the ground that likewise designated "Worldwide Transfer Flights". 

Riyadh worldwide air terminal wellspring in Saudi Arabia 

The "Move Desk" ended up being only a man with a walkie-talkie behind a platform who we disclosed our circumstance to. He directed us toward the part behind him, where we experienced security once more. There were a couple "Leave" signs prompting a back flight of stairs that we followed up to the Departure entryways. We met one more Flynas specialist at the highest point of the flight of stairs and we revealed to him we were moving to Dubai. He drove us to a door where somebody entered our flight affirmation data, took photos of our travel papers and our processed gear labels, at that point advised us to sit tight at the takeoff entryway for the Dubai trip to get our new tickets. The entire cycle required a little ways from when we left the plane! 

We currently had the opportunity to respect this noteworthy wellspring in the air terminal, and even had a modest Domino's Pizza feast while hanging tight for boarding. 

We were fortunate Riydah air terminal was not all that enormous and the flynas customer care number laborers are productive, useful, and communicate in English well. Eventually, we loaded onto our trip to Dubai immediately.

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