How Birth Chart and Wedding Astrologers Play Major Role in Indian Weddings

Astrology is about science, the science of anticipating the future. Whether you believe it or not it is happening, each and every moment tells something.


Astrology is about science, the science of anticipating the future. Whether you believe it or not it is happening, each and every moment tells something. This all depends on planets, date of birth, and many other horoscopic signs. All you need to talk to an experienced Jyotish in Allahabad and discuss your problems to get the best solution for you. 

Additionally, our birth chart, horoscope, astronomical chart, zodiac signs signify a lot about our relationship. And astrological believes plays a big role in an Indian wedding. 


  • Role of wedding astrologer in arrange marriage

In India, wedding astrologers have been playing a very crucial role since the ancient ages. Either it is an arrange marriage or it is a love marriage, nobody can take the place of a wedding astrologer. Yes, in love marriages their role has somewhat cut down but in love marriages wedding astrologers their role starts right from the matchmaking and continues till the marriage takes place. 


  • Wedding astrologer matches the kundalis

One of the main roles of a wedding astrologer is to matching the janam kundalis of the prospective bride and groom. Janam kundalini is basically a report that is prepared as per the person’s date and time of birth. It plays a very important role when it comes to choosing a perfect partner. 


  • Different Aspects

On the basis of the birth chart, Jyotish in Allahabad considers different aspects like doshas, dashes, antardashas, and other such aspects. All this helps the astrologer to predict the future of the wedding couple. 


  • Healthy and happy marriage

Astrologers can help out the couple to know that they can lead a successful long-run relationship or not. Kundalis can reveal many things about the couple such as compatibility between them. It is believed that the more number of matched gunas symbolizes a happy and healthy married life with more compatibility between husband and wife. 


  • Date and Time

Marriage is a long time commitment. It is not anything that you would do for spending only some days together, it is a long-life commitment. Therefore, many measures are considered to ensure a happy and prosperous upcoming married life of the couple. One of those measures is a perfect mahurat to perform the marriage rituals. The mahurat,i.e, the date and timing to perform marriage rituals are stated by the wedding astrologer by checking the planets and other asteroid effects. 


  • Solution for upcoming problems

Sometimes couples may face different problems after the marriage like some they may face some health-related issues or any issue related to childbirth or there may be some chances of an accident. Astrologers can predict such things before marriage only and can also help them out to avoid them by giving different solutions for them. However, the point is the couple has to follow the instructions that astrologers tell them to do. 


  • Importance of astrology and rituals

Astrology is something without which Indian marriages are incomplete. Many people believe that if the marriage is completed with all rituals and traditions, it indicates that all gods and goddesses have given their blessings to the couple. Therefore, they do consult wedding astrologers to make sure that marriage takes place properly.



Of course, a wedding is an important decision, you can't choose someone just like that. You should get advice from a famous astrologer in Ghaziabad so that you can understand marriage aspects easily and subtly.