IRCTC Water Vending Machine

We have best Water Vending Machine irctc, at railway station in India project and using quality metal. These are RO Water Vending Machine Manufacturers near me for sale price and install any place.


Technomond Industries has over 10,000 registered water ATM card holders across India. A family dispenses anywhere between 3 to 10 liters per day. At a community scale, we see water ATMs evolving as an indispensable tool for distribution of safe drinking water in a transparent and accountable manner. The cost of water ATMs to private companies may vary from Rs 50,000-1.5 lakh depending upon the variant of Water Vending Machine and the project implementation site. At an institutional level, the ATMs could challenge the monopoly of the packaged drinking water market that charges exorbitant prices while also leaving behind a significantly high environmental footprint. Private sector involvement in water, like other sectors, could bring in the expertise of managing day-to-day efficiency and path breaking innovation”, said a spokesperson.

Water Vending Machine is an automated water purification system that comprises four processes namely pre-treatment, reverse osmosis and disinfection and a hybrid dispensation system that enable manual and coin-operated dispensing. This machine provides 24X7 safe water access to the people at a walk able distance who have to cover distant locations to fetch safe and pollutant-free water by RO Water Vending Machine. Their ability in purifying and dispensing high-quality water makes them perfect for installation in high footfall locations like railways stations, bus depots, shopping mall etc.

Hot water vending machine dispenses pure drinking water, and they can be installed in urban and rural localities where there is no facility for drinking clean and contaminant-free water. A water vending machine operates as a conventional bank ATM, the only difference being that it provides water instead of money.