Path of Exile team updates their service deals are not in harmony

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Grinding Gear Games updated about the discord of the Path of Exile transaction. Here are some details.

The information has been shared on the official Reddit, noting that it has taken several weeks to update the existing service transaction disharmony,

"In the past few weeks, we have been working hard to update the Displacement (Service) Transaction Disharmony Server. We have added reputation/voucher robots, channels for buying/selling POE Currency and harvested crafts, detailed guidelines on fraud prevention , And (currently in progress) the due/mentioned roles of common harvest crafts! We are also actively fighting fraudsters now!"

If you don’t actually know the server, the server is designed to enable and allow secure transactions for non-transaction screen transactions. This includes boss/br stone rotation, harvest/bench/temple crafts, bulk sales, challenge completion and more.

More information about the server is provided here. Regarding the reason why the team decided to use the Discord server, the team explained, "There are no channel restrictions. At present, we have 6,000 users in just one month, and you will not be driven out of the market because of "channels are full." The server does not even exist in the first week of the league, so the user potential can easily reach the current 10 times.'

They can also provide dedicated channels for specific categories and reasonable spam restrictions. It's just that it's not particularly important for players. Most players are concerned about how to Buy POE Currency and how to make their characters more competitive. Regarding this, I think players may be able to get the answer at